The Facts

Name: Steven Franklin Thomas ("Steven" - origin unknown - "a crown")

Given by: adoptive father, Holtz.

Real name: Connor Angel ("Connor" - wise, origin - Celtic Irish).

Given by: birth father, Angel.

Species: human, but with supernatural powers, originated clearly in his vampire parents, such as advanced speed, smell and hearing, supernatural strength and natural ability to fight.

Parents: adoptive (kidnapper) - Daniel Holtz, biological - Angel and Darla.

Age: 18.

Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Residence: motel, LA, CA. Formerly - the Quor-Toth Hell dimension.

For: Quor-Toth: 18 years in the dimension's time, about a week in earth-time.
           Los Angeles: a few months and here to stay.

More: appears to be right-handed, after all. Isn't familiar with the way this world is functioning, but is a quick learner and has his own simple manners to get what he wants if he really needs it. Can handle himself in a fight and catches up new techniques really quickly, sometimes by aping them. Eager to know and learn new things. A very brave and solid outer shell, mostly concealing a broken soul inside. The Hell dimension has been eating into him for years, until he was forced to repress all the pain he felt inside and appear invulnerable in order to survive. Very loyal, to his father (Holtz), since he's the only thing he knew. Though he's fixed on hating Angel, mostly thanks to Holtz, he's drawn to him, they share a bond that even hatred can't sever, but said hatred still drives him to a deadly act with no way back from.