About Jared & Genevieve

Jared Padalecki married his former costar Genevieve Cortese this past weekend, February 27th, 2010 according to E! Online. The ceremony took place on Saturday, in Genevieve’s hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho.
The couple, who met in 2008 while filming season 4 of the show (she's now on ABC's "FlashForward"), dated on the DL for more than a year. They got only just engaged in January!

Jared’s brother took on the role as Best Man at the ceremony, and both actors’ families (on and off screen) attended. Jared’s brother on the show, Jensen Ackles was one of the groomsman.


Jared on his relationship with Genevieve:
“Tonight she’s at her bridal shower in Los Angeles with my mother, her mother, my sister, my sister-in-law, my nephew, her sister. It’s tough to go, ‘Hey baby, I love you. I wish I was there, but I’m 1,500 miles away and I’m not gonna talk to you for a few hours. I miss you.’ Those are the sacrifices, but if I didn’t work so hard and she didn’t work so hard, we wouldn’t be in this position, we wouldn’t have met each other in the first place, so you just have to be grateful for what you’ve done and how you got there.”

On their wedding:
"Our wedding party consists of friends and family that have watched us grow up and watched us grow in our relationship. We thank all of you for being a part of us and cannot wait to grow with you in our lives together."

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