Blaine: (offers a tiny gift box)
I know we've taken things to a new level
recently, so....

Kurt: (jumping the gun)
If this is an engagement ring... my answer is yes!
What's better than Christmas in New
York? Eloping and getting married
in Central Park, on Christmas!

Blaine: the box, Kurt.

Kurt does. He pulls out the most precious thing ever.

It's a promise ring. I made it out
of gum-wrappers. Juicy Fruit.

My favorite Wrigley's. And...
(eyes misting)
is that a little bow-tie? But
what are you promising?

To always love you. To defend you
even if I know you're wrong. To
surprise you. To always pick up
your call no matter what I'm doing.
To bake you cookies at least twice
a year and to kiss you whenever and
and where ever you want. Mostly to
make sure you always remember
how perfectly imperfect you are. I
know it's not something Elizabeth
Taylor would've worn...

I love it. I love you

Merry Christmas, Kurt. Our first
Christmas together.

First of many