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Burt Hummel

Burt Justin Hummel is the father of Kurt Hummel, and the stepfather of Finn Hudson. His first wife died when Kurt was around eight years old and later on marry's Finn's mom. Burt is presented as a typical "man's man", a mechanic and a football fan. In Grilled Cheesus he almost died after suffering from a heart attack brought on by an arrhythmia, causing him to go into a coma for a period of time and making him the first character to have had a life-threatening experience.

Season 1
Burt is first mentioned in Acafellas by Kurt, who proudly reveals to his friends the new car his father just bought him. Unfortunately, after the window was smashed by Mercedes, and Burt finds Kurt's collection of tiaras in the trunk, he takes the car back from Kurt as apparent punishment.

In Preggers, Burt catches his son, Kurt, along with Brittany and Tina dancing to Single Ladies in his bedroom in spandex costumes. Kurt attempts to explain it with a lie that he is on the football team and that Tina is his girlfriend. He tries to explain to his father that the two girls are helping him with an exercise. Burt believes this and decides to buy a ticket for the big game. After Kurt gets Finn to pull some strings and get him on the football team, it is demonstrated that Kurt is a surprisingly good kicker when he wins the deciding point for the team, making Burt proud and euphoric, remarking to Kurt afterward that he wishes his mother were there alive, and that she would have been proud of him. After the football game, Kurt admits that he is gay. Burt says that he has known since the day a young Kurt asked for sensible heels for his third birthday.

In Wheels, Burt complains to Principal Figgins about Kurt not being able to sing Defying Gravity in Glee Club. Figgins is persuaded by Burt to let Kurt and Rachel go head to head. Just before the "diva-off", Burt gets an anonymous phone call, with the caller making homophobic comments. Kurt finds out and purposefully blows the audition for the song. When Burt finds out he becomes furious that his son threw his chance, especially after he went up to bat for him with the Principal and Will. Kurt however tells Burt that he did it so he wouldn't be emotionally hurt by the fact that his son is not only gay, but also doing a girl song. Burt is still disappointed that his son gave up his chance, but proud of his son's strength to give up something he loved for his father, telling Kurt that he is a lot like his mother.

During a Parent-Teacher conference, Kurt introduced Burt to Carole Hudson, who lost her own husband during the Gulf War, in the hopes that it would spark romance, and thus hoping that would result in him and Finn Hudson (who Kurt has a crush on) to grow closer. The plan works spectacularly as Burt and Carole fall in love with each other fast and hard. However, when Finn discovers the romance he is not pleased, afraid that Burt is erasing his deceased father's memory. Finn is initially cold towards Burt when the two families sit down for a 'family' dinner of sorts. However, he begins to warm up to Burt when they begin to talk about sports. While Carole is content about this, Kurt feels left out and hurt by his father's new friendship with Finn.

That night, Burt confronts Kurt about his behavior, with Kurt stating he couldn't remember the last time his father was that open with him. Burt retorts that he would never change who Kurt is, and that he expects Kurt to do the same for him. Kurt dismisses him with tears in his eyes, and as he leaves, Burt asks whether Kurt introduced him for to Carole for their sake, or for his own (implying that he is aware of Kurt's feelings for Finn). Kurt suggests that he and Finn break Burt and Carole up, but Finn's attempt fails when his mother tells him that she is happy with Burt. When she later invites Burt over, Burt tells Finn that he really does love Carole and that he will do everything he can to make her happy. Accepting the relationship, Finn invites Burt to watch a basketball game, and sit in his deceased father's chair. Unknown to Finn and Burt, Kurt watches the father/son-like interaction, with tears in his eyes, apparently feeling as if he's lost his father.

In Laryngitis, Kurt is upset when Burt takes Finn to a baseball game. He then starts going out with Brittany, dressing like Burt, speaking in a lower voice, and singing John Mellencamp songs in order to impress him, but soon realizes that it doesn't get him any closer to his father. Out of worry for Kurt, Burt cancels some bonding time with Finn to find Kurt doing a spectacular rendition of Rose's Turn where he remarks that Kurt is an amazing singer and promises he'll try to spend more time with his son.

In Theatricality, Carole and Finn move in with Kurt and Burt. After Kurt and Finn argue over the intimacy and decor in their room, Finn uses homophobic language to describe Kurt's furnishing choices. Burt who overhears this, becomes furious to the point of almost becoming violent. He aggressively tears into Finn for his behaviour, refusing to listen to his protestations and tells him that Kurt will always come first to him. He then decides it was a bad idea to have Finn and his mother living with them and kicks Finn out of the house.

Season 2
In Season 2, Mike O'Malley, who plays Burt Hummel, was upgraded to a series regular.

In Grilled Cheesus, it is revealed that Burt and Carole have continued their relationship despite the incident with Finn and Kurt the previous year. Burt and Kurt get into an argument over "family dinner night", an event that the Hummel family had done ever since Kurt's mother had been alive, and something they continued since her death, and that Burt considered to be sacred. Burt tries to convince Kurt to join the dinner with him, Carole and Finn, but Kurt would rather go to a showing of Sing-Along Sound of Music, which he has been looking forward to all year. This upsets Burt as Kurt has been canceling more and more of their plans together, but Kurt claims that he's a teenager and that he has a busy, which causes Burt to admit his disappointment to Kurt for not seeing the important things in life. Later, Burt is handling a customer and suddenly falls over from a heart attack, which sends him into a coma. Kurt is informed of his father's condition by Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury, both of whom go to the hospital with him. Over the next week, Kurt's friends all attempt to offer support both friendship and spiritual support to Kurt and Burt, though Kurt rejects their religious beliefs with increasing anger. Mercedes later tells Kurt that while he might not believe in God, he should at least believe in something. Taking her words to heart, Kurt tells his father that he believes in him, pleading him to return. Kurt is overjoyed when he suddenly feels his father's grip tighten slightly around his hand.

In Duets, Burt is seen being cared for by Kurt following his release from the hospital. When Kurt has an argument with Finn about the new kid Sam Evans being his duet partner and latest crush, he confesses his annoyance with Finn to his father. Burt and Kurt then become engaged in a slightly heated conversation, during which Burt notes that Kurt hasn't been entirely honest with him, as he heard from Carole about Kurt's infatuation with Finn. Burt then explains that while Kurt is a strong boy, not everyone is like him, and that it might not be fair to put Sam into a position that could cause him unfair problems, and that perhaps its best to let things run at their own pace. Kurt comes to accept both Finn and Burt's words, reluctantly ending the team-up with Sam before he can suffer any major ramifications.

In Furt, Burt and Carole Hudson reveal to Finn and Kurt that they are getting married, and they ask Kurt to be the wedding planner. Burt states he doesn't care about what kind of food or booze or how the wedding looks, so long as Kurt gets a great band to perform. Kurt offers up New Directions. Later, while Kurt is giving Finn and Burt dancing lessons, Dave Karofsky (a bully who is attracted to Kurt in an unsettling manner, but who also refuses to admit his own homosexuality) teases Kurt and Finn, angering Burt, who rushes after Karofsky and throws him up against the wall. The situation causes acting principal Sue Sylvester to call Karofsky's dad to the school. Mr. Karofsky notes that Dave has been acting different and surprisingly takes Kurt's side. Upon Kurt telling Sue that Karofsky threatened to kill him, Sue expels Karofsky. Burt and Carole marry, making Finn and Kurt stepbrothers. At the reception, Finn says that "Furt" has been born and he has Kurt's back no matter what it costs him, cementing the family bond between them all. Sue reveals that the school board has over-rode her expulsion of Karofsky and that he'll be returning the next day. Kurt leaves the office where he runs into Burt and Carole who offer to use their honeymoon money to pay for Kurt's tuition at Dalton Academy, feeling that it is safer for him to be there than at William McKinley High School.

In The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, Burt is seen cheering on Finn's football game, and later seen watching New Directions' performance of Thriller/Heads Will Roll.

In Blame It On The Alcohol, Burt finds out that Blaine got drunk, and is sleeping in Kurt's bed. When Burt asks Kurt about this, he said he let Blaine spend the night after he got drunk. Burt thinks they had sex, but Kurt said they didn't. Burt then makes it clear with Kurt that he can't have anymore gay boys spending the night. Kurt, very upset, asks Burt to inform himself on Boys, so that he can help Kurt. In Sexy, Burt receives information from Blaine that Kurt doesn't know anything about sex. Blaine said that Burt should help Kurt with this, because it's really important. Burt takes Blaine's advice to heart and talks to Kurt. Burt tells Kurt that the difference between two men having sex and a women and a male having sex is that with two guys it won't mean much. He tells him that a boy doesn't care about sex, so when it's two men, it won't mean much. He tells Kurt that Kurt means a lot, and he doesn't want to see him having sex with another guy if it doesn't mean anything. Kurt asks when he can have sex, and he said it'll be a nice gift for him when he's thirty.

In Born This Way Burt is back for a couple of minutes defending Kurt against Dave once again. While Dave was trying to get him to come back Burt was talking about how Dave had threatened Kurt's life and how he and Carole had to spend money they didn't have so Kurt could go to private school so he could be safe.

In Prom Queen, Burt helps Kurt decide his prom outfit. When Kurt comes in with a kilt on, Burt tells him that he will be made fun of for it. Kurt's new boyfriend, Blaine Anderson, agrees as well. However he wears it to the Prom, and eventually gets crowned Prom Queen.

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Kurt Hummel

Kurt Hummel is an openly gay student at William McKinley High School, a member of New Directions and a former member of the Dalton Academy Warblers, the McKinley Titans, and the Cheerios.

Kurt currently lives with his father Burt, stepmother Carole Hummel and stepbrother Finn Hudson. Before Season 2, he was living alone with his father, as Kurt's biological mother died when he was eight.

In Season 2, Kurt transfers to Dalton Academy due to being bullied for being openly gay by Dave Karofsky, who is struggling coming to terms with his own sexuality. However, he later returns to McKinley in the episode Born This Way. Kurt is currently in a loving relationship with Blaine Anderson, which began in Original Song.

Season 1
In Season One, Kurt is introduced in Pilot as a flamboyant, stylish student at McKinley.That always get thrown in dumpster. He auditions for the glee club with Mr. Cellophane after Mr. Schuester signs on as the new director. He then sings Don't Stop Believin' with the other members. In Acafellas, Kurt and Mercedes Jones form an odd friendship out of their fashion rivalry. Mercedes also develops a crush on Kurt. Kurt sees that Mercedes is lonely and he offers to cheer her up by taking her out shopping. The cheerleaders, driven to stir up some petty drama for the glee club, manipulate Mercedes into thinking that Kurt is straight and has feelings for her. When she confronts him about their relationship, Kurt, still closeted, lies to Mercedes and tells her that he has feelings for Rachel, although his real crush is Finn. Jealous and embarrassed, Mercedes throws a rock through the windshield of his car. When Kurt eventually tells her that he is gay, she asks why he wasn't honest with her. Kurt admits that he is afraid and does not want anyone other than her to know the truth of his sexuality.

In Preggers, when Burt walks in on Kurt dancing to Single Ladies with Brittany Pierce and Tina Cohen-Chang, Kurt attempts to hide his sexuality by claiming that he has joined the football team and that he is dating Tina. Desperate to gain his father's approval, Kurt actually "auditions" for the team. Much to the surprise of Coach Tanaka, his father and his teammates, Kurt turns out to be a spectacular place kicker and he scores the final point to win the first game of the season. The players lift Kurt onto their shoulders after the winning kick; he looks to the stands where his father is proudly shouting that Kurt is his son. After the game, Kurt nervously admits to his dad that he is gay. Burt reveals that he has known since Kurt was three and asked for a pair of "sensible heels" for his birthday. Even though he's not entirely comfortable with the situation, Burt reminds his son that he loves Kurt no matter what: that he will always support and be proud of him.

In The Rhodes Not Taken, when former Glee club member April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) joins the Glee club, Kurt is initially reluctant to accept her into the club but is moved to the point of tears after she performs Maybe This Time. April attempts to get him fully on her side by sneaking him alcohol and male muscle magazines, both of which he happily accepts. Emma Pillsbury, the school guidance counselor, eventually sees a haggard-looking Kurt walking through the hallway, drunk. Kurt mistakes her for Bambi and vomits on her shoes.

In Wheels, Mr Schuester decides that one of the possible song selections for Sectionals will be Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. Kurt is overjoyed at the idea of getting the chance to sing the song, but his hopes are dashed when Will Schuester immediately awards the solo to Rachel Berry. Kurt relays his disappointment to his father and a furious Burt Hummel storms down to the school, demanding his son be given the chance to at least audition for the part. Will agrees that it was unfair of him to ignore Kurt's interest in the piece and agrees to let both Rachel and Kurt audition for the solo. It is decided that the club members will vote for the winner, which worries Rachel because she knows that the rest of the students like Kurt better. Kurt, however, asks that the kids choose fairly on the merits of their musical talent, despite him being more popular and a better dresser. Before the competition takes place, Burt receives an anonymous phone call at work calling Kurt a fag. Kurt has intercepted similar calls for some time and is more disturbed at how badly his father takes the incident. Kurt, not wanting to give his father more grief by singing a girl's song in public, throws the high note during the audition. Burt is disappointed that his son took a dive for his sake but is touched by his actions, calling Kurt "strong" like his mother had been. Kurt responds by saying that his father is more important than stardom.

In Ballad, when the glee group is split into pairs and asked to sing ballads to their partners, Kurt and Finn are assigned as partners. Finn of course, is reluctant to pair with a boy, for fear of being pegged as gay. Kurt however, is overjoyed at the idea and attempts to seduce Finn through the guise of friendship and giving advice for Finn's personal problems. His plan works in that he and Finn become closer friends, but backfires in other ways. In the end, Kurt hints to Finn that he has feelings for the other boy, with his ballad choice I Honestly Love You, but Finn seems to misunderstand. Kurt's feelings for Finn continue to lead him to behave in a manipulative fashion, as seen in Hairography, when he manipulates Rachel with false advice on how to win over Finn. He convinces her to take on a sultrier look, like the character Sandy in Grease. While the look does get Finn's attention, Finn admits that he prefers Rachel as she normally is. Rachel then confronts Kurt, who admits that they are both in love with the same man and that as long as Quinn is in the picture, neither of them will ever have him—Kurt less so, because Finn isn't gay. In the end, although not quite friends, both have bonded over their shared heartbreak.

In Mattress, it is Kurt who suggests the kids not fight the fact the glee club is cut from the yearbook, due to all the previous years' glee club photos being defaced by the rest of the student body. But in the end, the kids allow themselves to be photographed for the yearbook (which goes on to be defaced as usual). Kurt also joins the rest of the group in taping a mattress commercial.Also joining them in singing 'Jump'.

In Hell-O, after Sectionals, Kurt along with the rest of the Glee feel elated at their victory and think that their social status will be elevated. This fantasy is quickly dashed, as he, Rachel and Mercedes all receive slushies to the face. At Glee rehearsal, the group is given the assignment of singing songs involving the word "Hello". When Mr. Schue asks the group how they say "hello" on the phone, Kurt gives the morbid response of "No, she's dead. This is her son". When the group later discovers that Rachel is dating the male lead of their rivals Vocal Adrenaline, Jesse St. James, it is Kurt who promises to kick Rachel out of Glee if she doesn't end things with him.

In The Power of Madonna, when Will grows concerned about how the boys are treating the girls, he suggests that all of them perform Madonna numbers to strengthen the girls' sense of self-worth. Kurt is ecstatic along with the girls to perform Madonna's iconic works, and asks to be allowed to do a multimedia project with Mercedes in honor of Madonna. While working on their project, both witness Sue Sylvester insulting Will's hair again and are surprised to see Will knock the wind out of Sue by insulting her hairstyle. Sue is so shocked and hurt by the low-blow, she begins to assault and terrorize the students. Feeling bad for her, Kurt and Mercedes go and offer their make-over services to her in exchange for borrowing the male Cheerios for their Madonna project. Sue agrees and together the three of them recreate Madonna's Vogue music video under the direction of Artie. Despite the new looks they offer Sue, she decides in the end that she's better being herself and that rather than change herself, she changes everyone else. Starting with Kurt and Mercedes. She then extends an invitation to them to join the Cheerios, doing musical performances to the cheerleading routines. Seeing as neither Kurt nor Mercedes have gotten solos under Will's Glee guidance, they accept and decide to do both Glee Club and the Cheerios. Their first performance with the Cheerios is a sexy duet to Madonna's 4 Minutes at a pep rally, shocking Will. He is not pleased by them "joining the enemy camp" asking if they could have warned him beforehand. Mercedes and Kurt however respond that he never warned them about passing them up for solos. In the end, Will has no choice but to accept their decision. At the end of the episode, Kurt and Mercedes receive solos in the episode's closing number, Like a Prayer.

In Home, Kurt again attempts to woo Finn with disastrous results, this time by manipulating their widowed parents. During Parent/Teacher Night, Kurt attends the function with his father, in the hopes of introducing him to Carole Hudson. His hope is that that if Burt and Carole connect, it would allow for him and Finn to grow closer, perhaps even move in together. The parents hit it off and soon begin dating. However, it is not until later that Finn discovers the relationship, leaving Kurt unprepared for Finn's angry rejection. In the hopes of convincing Finn otherwise, he sings the ballad A House Is Not a Home. Aside from Finn joining in for the bridge of the song, A House Is Not a Home is the first song since Mr. Cellophane that Kurt has performed entirely on his own. As part of his plan, Kurt plans a family night, where the Hudsons and Hummels would be allowed to get better acquainted. His plan however has an unexpected downside, as he find himself to be completely shut out of the conversation when Finn and his father begin talking sports, which Finn's mother gladly jumps in on. That evening, Burt confronts Kurt about his change in behavior, to which Kurt reveals how much it hurt to see his father connect so much better with Finn than with his own son. Kurt then dismisses his father, so as to avoid crying in front of him. Before leaving, however, Burt asks Kurt if he introduced him to Carole for Burt's sake or for something else, implying he suspects Kurt's attraction to Finn. Unable to deal with this, Kurt conspires with Finn to break their parents up. However, in the end, Finn comes to accept that Burt's relationship with his mother is beneficial to her, after 17 years of being alone. Finn invites Burt to watch the basketball game with him, during which the two fall into a discussion of sports again. Both however are unaware of Kurt watching them from a nearby window outside crying. Alongside all of this, his relationship with Mercedes hits choppy waters when he suggests she needs to lose weight so she can keep herself on the Cheerios. He strongly desires to no longer be considered a loser, enjoying his interaction with the Cheerios, such as in the group's hatred of Rachel's personality, stating that "The Glee Club would rather die than see Rachel and Jesse be the new Beyoncé and Jay-Z". He is humbled, however, when Mercedes, thanks to the help of Quinn, realizes that she is fine the way that she is and proceeds to sing Beautiful at a pep rally, after which Kurt apologizes to her.

In Bad Reputation, Kurt sneaks around Sue Sylvester’s office and snags her Physical video, which is immediately posted on YouTube by Finn.When the "Glist", a list of the hottest members of the Glee club, Kurt is upset to find that he (along with Artie, Mercedes, and Tina) are not on the list. Kurt holds a meeting in the music room, with Mercedes, Tina, and Artie, as well as Brittany, who was only there because she had forgotten how to leave - but, she admits that she wants to be higher than fourth on the Glist. The five try to earn a "bad-ass" reputation in hopes that it will get them on (or higher on) the Glist. They come up with an idea of causing chaos in the library, by having an impromptu performance of U Can't Touch This, led by Artie. To their dismay, the librarian enjoys the performance. Still wanting to earn a bad rep, Kurt admits to Sue Sylvester that he stole the Physical tape, but again, it backfires.

In Laryngitis, saddened by the fact that his dad is paying more attention to Finn and in the mistaken belief that if he becomes "straight" his father will love him again, he changes his persona to straight, becoming "Butch Kurt" -- a "man's man". He dons flannel and trucker wear instead of his usual clothes, speaks in a deeper voice, and sings Pink Houses for glee, to which everyone listens uncomfortably. Afterwards, Will feels that Kurt perhaps didn't understand the assignment as he was supposed to express himself and says that it is important Kurt not give up who he is because it might be easier to be someone else. However, one fan of the performance is Brittany, who tells Kurt the song was hot and that before, she had thought he was "Capital G Gay" but now wants to make out with him. Later, Kurt makes sure his father "catches" him and Brittany kissing (making out), which Burt finds extremely odd but proceeds to humor him, all the while encouraging his son to be true to himself and saying that he will always support him. After being rejected by his father again in favor of spending time with Finn, Kurt has finally gives up and returns back to his true persona singing Rose's Turn in the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, where he is confronted by his dad, who tells him that he likes him as he is, not what Kurt thinks he wants him to be. After finally accepting that his father loves him no matter what, Kurt is at last free again to pursue his feelings towards Finn.

His earlier hope comes true, in Theatricality, where Burt invites Carole and Finn to move in with them. Carole is of course excited by the idea; however Finn is extremely reluctant, primarily out of the fear that because he and Kurt will be living together in the same room, it will convince everyone else that he is pursuing a sexual relationship with the other boy. His fears are made more intense by the class assignment of performing a Lady Gaga song for Glee. Kurt, in an attempt to seduce Finn goes to elaborate attempts at making Finn feel welcomed, however cross the line of Finn's existing comfort levels. When Kurt final re-decorates the room in an overly flamboyant manner, Finn finally snaps, demanding that the room be changed to be less "faggy". Kurt is horrified by Finn's explosion of homophobia but not nearly as much as Burt, who overhears and becomes furious. Storming into the room, Burt tears into Finn, stating that he thought he was a better person. Burt then proceeds to throw Finn out of his home despite the problems it might cause his relationship with Carole. Finn rushes out of the room, while Kurt is left devastated. Finn proceeds to make several attempts reconciling with Kurt, all of which are rejected, until at last Finn saves Kurt from several bullies attempting to assault Kurt for wearing his Lady Gaga costume, while wearing one of his own.

In Funk, Will attempts to seduce Sue and break her heart in the hopes of teaching her a lesson. The plan works but results in Sue becoming horribly depressed and unwilling to take the Cheerios to the National Cheerleader finals. Kurt is the only Cheerio not distraught over Sue's recent bout of depression as he has Glee club to keep him sane. When Will fixes things, Kurt proceeds to lead the Cheerios to victory by singing a selection of Celine Dion songs in French, winning Sue Nationals for the 6th year. Meanwhile, the Glee group is horrified to discover that Jesse has returned to Vocal Adrenaline and a more intense rivalry explodes between the two groups, climaxing with Rachel being egged by the rival group. Furious, the boys of the group proceed to set out for vengeance. Kurt joins the rest of boys, stating that despite everything Rachel is their friend and that only they may belittle and insult her. In the end, New Directions gets vengeance by performing a funk number in which Kurt shows off the low notes in his range at the beginning. Vocal Adrenaline is not capable of doing a funk number because they are self-admitted "soulless automatons".

Finally the group makes it to Regionals in Journey, in which they are shocked to learn that Sue is one of judges. Will urges the kids to push on, and they sing a selection of songs from the group Journey. Their performance is a hit, and they receive the support of Josh Groban who feels they had the most heart. However, after Olivia Newton-John dismisses their entire performance, everyone thinks that New Directions should lose. It is only Sue who votes for them to win the competition. They rank third place, which means that, according to Figgins, the group will be forced to disband. All the kids talk about their lives before joining the Glee club and Kurt shares how he wasn't honest about who he was. They sing a "farewell" song to Will, To Sir, With Love, which Sue overhears. Moved by the love that the kids show for Will, Sue asks the principal to give them one more year, allowing the group another chance to win regionals after the summer.

Season 2
Following events of last year's Regionals, New Directions grew closer over the summer break, as revealed in the season's premiere, Audition. However, despite the personal friendships, the group finds themselves still suffering a major rep issue as a result of being in Glee. Kurt, in particular, is slushied on the first day back for trying to stand up for himself. In an effort to expand the group's ranks, they attempted to promote Glee club to the rest of the school. Unfortunately, their efforts such as singing Empire State of Mind to the student body in the lunchtime courtyard gained few results.

Rachel managed to sway Sunshine Corazon (Charice) into auditioning but grew fearful of her joining their group when she discovered how good of a singer she really was. Rachel tried to get Kurt and Mercedes to join her in taking down Sunshine, supposedly for "their benefit." Neither of them were impressed with Rachel and were later furious to discover that she had intentionally sent Sunshine to a crackhouse rather than to auditions.

In Britney/Brittany, Kurt was the one who insisted the most on doing Britney Spears music. He is the only one aware of a Facebook campaign that is pleading for New Directions to perform Britney Spears music at the fall homecoming assembly. Most of the kids are excited about the campaign but Mr Schuester is adamant about his no Britney Spears policy, as he believes she is a bad role model. After listening to Dr. Howell's speech about oral hygiene, it is discovered that Brittany, Artie and Rachel each need to go to the dentist. While under anesthesia, each of them has a vivid Britney Spears fantasy, which in turn influences their lives in a positive way. Kurt is very quick to pick up on this connection, immediately pointing it out to Mr. Schuester, who does not want to hear it. During a passionate argument about the importance of Britney Spears to pop culture, Kurt releases his anger verbally on Mr. Schue, which leads him to send Kurt to the principal's office. Eventually, Mr Schuester changes his mind and allows the group to perform Toxic at the Homecoming assembly, provided that he gets to sing with the kids also. The performance does not have the result the kids are hoping for, as it creates a "Britney Spears Sex Riot." Sue pulls the fire alarm, stopping the performance, and the students evacuate.

In Grilled Cheesus, Kurt brings his dad a healthy breakfast in contrast to the "two Slim Jims and a Coke" he normally has. He is a little taken aback, and Kurt states that he needs to start taking care of himself. Burt concedes that with enough hot sauce it should be fine, and asks Kurt to a dinner with Carole and Finn. Although the four of them are no longer living together, they still have dinner together every Friday night. Kurt announces that he isn't going to go to dinner, because the Sound of Music Sing Along that he had been looking forward to, a once a year event is on at another theater. While Burt understands Kurt's point that he's a teenager and has a busy life, he reminds Kurt that this tradition was started with Kurt's mom and is really all they have to connect them. Kurt still refuses, unable to see the effect his selfishness is having on Burt. He walks out, telling Burt that he won't be attending dinner with the Hudsons. At work later that day, Burt has a heart attack. Emma Pillsbury runs to Kurt’s French class to tell Kurt the news. Will and Emma rush Kurt to the hospital to see his father. Kurt goes to his Dad's hospital room and asks his Dad to hold his hand. Kurt seems to want to bear the burden alone, only letting Finn in after he points out that he thought they were a family and Burt would be the closest he's ever going to get to a father. Later, everyone in the glee club comforts him. Kurt finds Rachel singing Papa, Can You Hear Me? to his father and asks them to leave. He remembers all the good times with his dad and sings I Want to Hold Your Hand in Glee club, showing all his emotions (as he had been acting very calm through the dilemma) at the end of the song. Mercedes Jones asks him to come to church with her. Although he doesn't believe in God, Kurt agrees,and at church Mercedes sings Bridge Over Troubled Water with everyone in the church comforting him. Kurt goes back and holds Burt's hand again saying that he doesn't believe in God, but he believes in both of them and Burt starts to squeeze his hand, signaling that he is going to be all right.

In Duets, Kurt initially believes that the new member of the Glee Club, Sam Evans, may be gay because Kurt can tell Sam dyes his hair, and proposes that they sing the duet together. When Finn finds out, he pleads with Kurt to break it off as he believes that doing a duet with Kurt may cause Sam to be harassed by others for singing with a gay male which may potentially lead to him leaving Glee Club. Kurt doesn't listen, but after a talk with his dad, he comes to the conclusion that, while incredibly unfair, it would be the right thing to do to let Sam sing a duet with someone else. He then decides that he will sing Le Jazz Hot on his own, wearing a costume that represents both the male and female side of the human psyche, thus making it a "duet." At the end, Rachel confronts Kurt and informs him that she knows he is lonely. During this heart to heart talk, they come to the realization that they aren't as different as they believe they are, and sing a duet of Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy as the episode closes.

In Rocky Horror Glee Show, Mr Schuester decided to have the kids perform the famed and controversial musical Rocky Horror Picture Show under the pretext that it pushes the artistic envelope, but in truth, he's doing it solely to gain the attention of Emma Pillsbury. He immediately casts Kurt in the role of Doctor Frank-N-Furter, due no doubt because of the fact that Kurt is gay, has a feminine speaking voice, and so he also assumed Kurt would be comfortable performing as a drag queen. Kurt however refuses the part, due in large part to the wardrobe, to which Santana mockingly asks if Kurt is opposed to playing the role "because that look was last season." Instead Mike Chang takes the role instead (later to be replaced by Mercedes.) Kurt is instead cast as Riff-Raff, and joins in on singing backup on Dammit Janet and shares the male lead with Finn in Time Warp.

Soon after in Never Been Kissed, Kurt begins to suffer increasing physical and verbal abuse from Dave Karofsky, being painfully shoved into lockers and openly insulted. After Kurt is slammed into a locker by Dave Karofsky, the glee club welcomes Puck back from juvie as Will unveils their upcoming sectional competitors - including the all boys Dalton Academy and a school of elderly people completing their GEDs. Will revives last year's boys vs girls tournament to fire up the glee clubbers. Karofsky hammers Kurt again and when Kurt speaks out, Karofsky threatens to unleash "The Fury" - aka his fist - on him. Sensing that Kurt's been growing more tense and belligerent in recent weeks, Will offers to help. Kurt tells Will that he, like everyone else in school, too easily lets homophobia slide and that he's not feeling challenged musically. In response, Will alters the competition, requiring the teams to tackles songs better suited to the opposite gender and Kurt takes the lead in shaping the boys' approach. While Kurt attempts to stay strong, he finds himself slowly cracking under the strain of being so easily bullied as well as being the only openly gay student in the school. To add insult to injury, when Mr Schuester presents that the group perform another boys vs girls mash-up competition, Mr Schuester again forces Kurt to join the boys' team as opposed to the girls' team, which he would have preferred. Later, Will sees the aftermath of Kurt again being bullied by Karofsky and attempts to reach out to him. Kurt feels too far isolated, stating that even Schuester, though supportive of him, does nothing to help make his life easier at the school and even forces him to do stuff he'd rather not, such as have to sing with the guys. Hoping to help ease Kurt's feelings, Schuester suggests the boys perform music done primarily by girls and that the girls performed songs primarily by boys. This raised Kurt's spirits, but only for a moment; when he attempts to offer up suggestions, Puck and the other boys dismiss his efforts and also manage to insult him, suggesting that he does something "useful" and go investigate their rivals from Dalton Academy. Furious about his ideas being shot down and feeling rejected by his peers, Kurt does just that and sneaks into Dalton. Noticing the boys all are rushing off to somewhere, he stops one of them, claiming to be a new student and asks what's happening. The boy, introduces himself as Blaine and explains that Dalton's Glee Club are about to throw an impromptu performance. He bonds with Warbler Blaine, who enthralls him when he sings Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. When Kurt asks if the Glee club is cool at Dalton, Blaine says that the Warblers are like rock stars. Taking Kurt's hand, he rushes them to where the Warblers will perform and is revealed to be the lead singer for their show choir. Kurt is overwhelmed by how accepting everyone at the school is and seems smitten by the attention that Blaine shows him during the song. Afterwards, it’s revealed that Blaine and two of his friends Wes and David were aware that Kurt was a spy but actually found the fact that he was "such a horrible spy" endearing and did not hold it against him. Instead, they have coffee with him. Confessing to being a spy, Kurt asks several of the Warblers if they're all gay. Blaine says that he is, but the others explain that their school has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment. Alone with Blaine, Kurt reveals that he's the only out student at McKinley and is constantly harassed by Karofsky. Blaine had a similar experience at his school before Dalton and regrets running away. He advises Kurt that prejudice is ignorance and by confronting Karofsky he'll teach him that he can't get away with it. Blaine suggests that while Kurt could do what he did and transfer schools, another option would be to confront his bully. Staying in contact, Blaine urges Kurt to have "courage" via a phone text. Kurt takes this to heart and the next time Kurt is shoved into a locker by Karofsky, he does not back down but instead chases after Karofsky, demanding to know what his problem is. Karofsky becomes extremely defensive and says he doesn't want Kurt to come "peeking at [his] junk", ordering Kurt to back off. However, when Kurt refuses to do so, stating that Karofsky isn't his "type", that Karofsky can't "punch the gay out of [him] any more than [he] can punch the ignoramus out of [Karofsky], and continues insulting him, Karofsky grabs Kurt and kisses him. He attempts for a second one but Kurt immediately pushes him away, completely in shock by what just happened, causing Karofsky to punch a locker and run from the room, clearly upset. Kurt gets Blaine to help him confront Karofsky about his closeted homosexuality. Kurt and Blaine approach Karofsky, who's back to his insulting persona, denying his feelings and growing more violent when they try to talk him into accepting his feelings. Karofsky first attempts to deny what happened but then becomes violently defensive, pushing Blaine into a fence. When Kurt defends Blaine by pushing Karofsky away, he runs off. Still in a sense of shock after what happened, Kurt explains to Blaine that before Karofsky, he had never been kissed when it actually "counted". Unable to say much else, Blaine offers to buy Kurt lunch. It is later revealed that Kurt now sees Blaine as a mentor, hanging a picture him in his locker with the word "courage" beneath.

In The Substitute, Kurt begins to blow off hanging out with Mercedes in favor of his new friendship with Blaine. Mercedes is curious about Kurt's budding relationship with Blaine, but he assures her that it's not a romantic situation. This new friendship results in Mercedes spending most of her time focusing her attention on fighting Sue Sylvester's new healthy food amendment in the school. Mercedes is still fuming about the new lunch menu when Kurt reveals that he's set her up on a date to ease her left-out feelings over his relationship with Blaine. But she's miffed that Kurt's knee-jerk choice is one of the school's few black students as her match and she instead throws herself into her Tater Tot protest, full-on "Norma Rae" style and sparks a student revolt in the school. Kurt begins to grow concerned about Mercedes and attempts to fix her up with one of the school jocks, who seems interested in her. He talks about how love "is around the corner". Karofsky then appears and winks at Kurt, leaving Kurt unsettled. Kurt takes Blaine and Mercedes out for dinner . During the outing we can see how close Blaine and Kurt have become as they have seem to have a lot in common, books and magazines. Mercedes seems to fade out during their chatting. We can see how happy Kurt is to have someone to talk to gay issues with...unlike in school Kurt is laughing and jolly, he high fives Blaine, pats and touches him through out the conversation. When Mercedes smuggles Tater Tots into the school, Kurt tells her she's substituting food for love - and substituting Kurt for a boyfriend. He assures her that she'll find someone and urges her to take care of herself in the meantime. After Mercedes agrees with him and goes off to meet the jock he tried to set her up with, Dave confronts Kurt asking if he told anyone else about the kiss they shared, with Dave claiming that Kurt kissed him, rather than the other way around. Kurt replies he hasn't told anyone to which Dave says, "Good, because if you tell anybody, I'll kill you." He storms off leaving a terrified Kurt.

In Furt, Kurt and Finn discover that their parents are finally getting married and Kurt is made the wedding planner. At the same time, Kurt is terrified by Karofsky and begins to panic whenever Karofsky is near or looks at him. When Karofsky walks up to him, touches his upper chest and just looks at Kurt menacingly before walking off, Will sees this and asks Kurt if he's alright, causing Kurt to shake and cry; Will takes him to the principal. After Will and Sue cannot do anything to help him, the boys on the football confront Karofsky in the locker room and demand he leave Kurt alone. Karofsky pushes Mike into Artie, injuring them. This causes Sam to step in and a fight escalates between the two of them until Coach Beiste steps in. Sam is left with a black eye as a result of the fight. Later, while Kurt is giving Finn and Burt dancing lessons, Karofsky sees and mocks them, angering Burt, who asks who the boy mocking them was. Kurt hesitates and when Finn tells Kurt to tell his father the truth, Kurt tells Burt that Karofsky has been harassing him for a few weeks. When his dad presses Kurt for more information, he admits that Karofsky threatened to kill him, which shocks both Finn and Burt. Burt rushes after Karofsky and throws him up against the wall, threatening Karofsky to pick a fight with him. The situation causes Sue to call Karofsky's dad to the school. Mr. Karofsky notes that Dave has been acting different and takes Kurt's side. Upon Kurt telling Sue that Karofsky threatened to kill him, Sue expels Karofsky. Burt marries Carole Hudson, making Finn and Kurt stepbrothers. At the reception, Finn says that "Furt" has been born, and he has Kurt's back no matter what it costs him. He and the rest of the Glee Club proceed to sing Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are to him, with Finn putting his past insecurities with Kurt aside and they dance, ending with a hug. Sue reveals that her expulsion of Karofsky has been overridden by the school board and he'll be returning the next day. She resigns in protest, allowing Figgins to return as acting principal and says she'll be a set of eyes and ears for Kurt in the hallway. Kurt leaves the office and runs into Burt and Carole, who offer to use their honeymoon money to pay for his tuition at Dalton Academy. Kurt goes into the choir room and announces he's transferring to Dalton Academy, effective immediately, because Karofsky is returning the next day. All the guys offer to protect him "like the Secret Service" but Kurt refuses. He walks out of the choir room in tears, leaving all of glee club stunned and upset, not only about Kurt's leaving, but also that Kurt would be their competition for sectionals.

In Special Education, Kurt, who is now a member of Dalton Academy finds himself struggling to adjust to the energy of the place. Meanwhile, Lauren Zizes decides to join New Directions. The Warblers invite Kurt to join them for a meeting. He must first watch over the Warblers mascot, a canary named Pavarotti in order to join the glee club. He makes jokes that no one laughs at. Kurt presents an idea for Sectionals, that the Warblers sing a Duran Duran song but the council politely declines. Blaine comes over to him and offers Kurt the chance to audition to sing a solo at Sectionals because Kurt showed guts by suggesting new ideas. Kurt goes to Rachel for help and she helps him learn Don't Cry for Me Argentina for his audition. When he is talking to Rachel he mentions that he was hiding in his car for an hour to make sure he didn't run into anyone who would bully him. Blaine tries to get him not to show off during the song but he does. Unfortunately, Kurt is not selected; Nick and Jeff, both of whom had auditioned multiple times for the solo are told they can go forward to the next level of auditions. Blaine tells Kurt that he doesn't have to show off or try so hard. He also tells Kurt he knows that he has it in him to fit in. At Sectionals, Kurt runs into Rachel, where she admits her own shock that he didn't get the solo and jokingly states that the reason she had never been as nice to him before was because of the fact he was her biggest competition. She admits they all miss him and he says he misses his old school as well. He also explains how he felt that leaving, he let the team down. Rachel, who has two gay dads admits that the most important thing is for Kurt to be safe. During their talk, he accidentally lets slip that he knew Finn had slept with Santana, assuming that Rachel had known already. Blaine comes up and gets Kurt, telling him it is time to go on stage. The Warblers perform Hey, Soul Sister, before New Directions goes up and Kurt is pleased to see that a majority of his friends from New Directions smile up at him from the audience with pride and support, even giving them a standing ovation at the end. He returns the kind gesture and leads the audience to give a standing ovation for New Directions after they perform. He is seen sitting next to Blaine. In the end, both the Warblers and New Directions tie for first place at Sectionals, meaning both groups will be competing again at Regionals against Westvale High School's Aural Intensity. After the competition, Kurt, who is still taking care of Pavarotti, becomes scared that the bird might be dying when he notes that he is becoming weak and his feathers are falling out. He texts Blaine, who assures him that the warbler is simply molting. Blaine assures Kurt that Pavarotti will be fine by claiming, "He's got food, water, he seems to like his cage. Just give it a little while. He'll be singing again in no time." This can be perceived as a metaphor for Kurt's transfer to Dalton. Later we see Kurt smiling at the canary.

In A Very Glee Christmas, Kurt continues to find life at Dalton Academy somewhat daunting, with regards to the academic work itself. As such, he is pleased when Blaine arrives and convinces him to stop studying, so as to help him with a duet he is doing for an out of school performance. He expresses how sad he is that "the world" would never let him and Blaine sing together (as duet partners). Together Blaine and Kurt sing Baby, It's Cold Outside in a flirtatious manner. Upon ending the song, Blaine and Kurt end up on the sofa sitting very close and share a small smile. Before leaving, Blaine admits that he knows his female partner will not be as good as Kurt is. After Blaine departs, Will Schuester arrives and noting the happy look on Kurt's face, asks if Blaine is someone special. Kurt admits that they are simply friends, but that he is in love with Blaine. He also explains how much harder the school work is here at Dalton. Will then explains that the point of his visit, aside from checking in on Kurt, is for help figuring out a Christmas gift for Sue (who rigged the staff secret Santa). Kurt suggests a fur-lined track suit.

In The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, at Dalton Academy, Kurt, Blaine, and the other Warblers work out a routine to Destiny's Child's Bills, Bills, Bills in preparation for regionals. Rachel and Mercedes fill Kurt and Blaine in on what's happening at McKinley (Finn hasn't uttered a word of it at home): the football team is short of players and Coach Beiste has posted a sign-up sheet looking for new recruits but the other students are afraid to volunteer. Blaine informs them that according to regulations, all they need are four additional players and they'll be allowed to compete. Blaine tells the girls some facts about high school football and tells them he and Kurt will be at the game cheering them on. Later we see them cheering Finn and the team on, sitting by Burt and Carole.

In Silly Love Songs, we see Kurt daydreaming and writing "Blaine plus Kurt" with hearts in a notebook, which he hides when Blaine approaches. While getting coffee, Blaine confesses to Kurt that he is in love. Kurt is thrilled, thinking Blaine is in love with him, in part because Blaine pays attention to him and even knows his favorite coffee order. Blaine pulls Kurt into an emergency meeting of the Warblers, where Blaine announces that he's in love. Blaine then asks the Warblers to help him serenade the object of his affection with a performance off campus, a major breech of Warbler tradition since 1927. Kurt deftly defends Blaine's request and persuades the Warblers to agree, but he's stunned to discover that Blaine wants them to sing at The Gap because the one he's pining for is a junior manager there. Kurt is heart broken and goes to a sleep over with Rachel and Mercedes. They convince Kurt to go to the Mall and check out the competition. It dawns on Kurt that he may have made the whole relationship with Blaine up in his head. At The Gap, Kurt scopes out Blaine's love interest, Jeremiah and supports Blaine's bid to win him over. Blaine is nervous when they get to the Gap and wants to back out but Kurt tells him to "man up", reminds Blaine that Jeremiah will "love" him because he is amazing—which is how Kurt feels about Blaine. Blaine and The Warblers sing Robin Thicke's When I Get You Alone in the store. While at first going along with the song, Kurt is shocked when Blaine sings a very suggestive sexual verse and hides quietly by a mannequin throughout the rest of the song. Later, they sit together waiting for Jeremiah (Blaine's crush) to come out of the store, Kurt still looks a bit jealous and shocked. Jeremiah comes out with an upset look on his face and clearly, though politely, rejects Blaine. His plan backfired: Jeremiah gets fired because his manager didn't like the disruption - and neither did Jeremiah, who's just been publicly outed at work. He tells Blaine that, despite their two coffee meetings, they aren't dating and that anything between them would be illegal because Blaine is underage. This breaks Blaine's heart and Kurt finds him in a very negative mood the next day. Blaine says he made the whole Jeremiah thing up in his head, the same way Kurt said he had. To cheer him up, Kurt has the Warblers perform at Breadstix for his "Lonely Hearts Club". They sing Silly Love Songs to New Directions and the other Breatstix patrons.

In Comeback, Kurt is, not present in the episode at all. He is, however, mentioned several times, one of which Sue refers to him as "Sweet Porcelain". This marks the first episode Kurt is not in.

In Blame It on the Alcohol, Kurt accompanies Blaine to Rachel Berry's house party. Kurt is surprised when he arrived in Rachel's Oscar room Added by Larry Berry Kurt refuses to drink, telling Finn that he is still trying to impress Blaine. Blaine, however, does not share the same concern. During Rachel's turn in a game of Spin the Bottle, the bottle lands on Blaine. They kiss and to everyone's surprise, both Rachel and Blaine seem shockingly into it. Rachel and Blaine then perform Don't You Want Me with Kurt watching uncomfortably. The next morning, Blaine is in Kurt's bed, passed out from the night before. Burt comes to his son's room only to discover Blaine, who groggily asks where he is. Burt later asks his son why there was a boy in his bed; Kurt explains that Blaine was drunk from the party and couldn't drive so he brought him home. He then chides Kurt for being inappropriate, but Kurt claims that nothing sexual happened between him and Blaine. Kurt concedes not to have anyone who "might be gay" spend the night without asking Burt first. Kurt asks his father to step out of his comfort zone and learn about gay relationships so that he can come to him with questions regarding romance just like any other son would be able to do. Later while Blaine and Kurt are having coffee, Rachel calls Blaine to ask him out. Kurt asks Blaine why he said "yes" and tells Blaine that he shouldn't be leading her on. Blaine explains that he's not leading her on, the kiss felt good, and he's never really been anyone's boyfriend before, so doesn't know if he is gay. Kurt immediately tells Blaine that bisexuality is just something that gay guys hide behind when they "want to hold hands with someone in the hallway and feel normal about it". Blaine defensively asks why Kurt is so upset by this. Kurt tells Blaine that he looks up to him and says that he is proud of who he is but now he's afraid that Blaine is going to tiptoe back into the closet. Blaine attacks Kurt when he himself was chased out of McKinley for his sexual identity. Blaine tells Kurt that it's great Kurt is sure about who he is but "some of us aren't so lucky". Blaine then proceeds to storm out of the shop, saying that he would say "bye" (bi), but he doesn't want to risk offending Kurt. Kurt helps Rachel clean her basement after her and Blaine's date to find out what happened and Rachel claims that it was "lovely". Kurt, still believing that Blaine is gay, agrees to a bet with Rachel where she will kiss Blaine and see if there are any sparks when he isn't drunk. Rachel and Kurt await Blaine's arrival at the coffee shop, with Rachel excited to learn if she will end up "with a new boyfriend who can keep up with me vocally and give me vaguely Eurasian-looking children". As soon as he enters, Rachel kisses Blaine passionately. His response: "Yep, I'm gay. One hundred percent gay." He thanks her for clearing that up for him. Kurt's about to console her but Rachel is surprisingly happy as well: "I just had a relationship with a man who turned out to be gay," she explains. "That is songwriting gold!".

In Sexy, Sue surprises Dalton Academy Warblers Kurt and Blaine with a visit to the coffee shop, sharing with them her intel that New Directions will be sexing up their routines for Regionals - but when she asks for some "quid pro quo" inside info to bolster her coaching of rival glee club Aural Intensity, Kurt tells her that he is not in cahoots with her schemes and she informs him that he just made a powerful enemy. Blaine, however, thinks the Warblers need to respond to the info by adding sex appeal to their performances. Blaine unveils the Warblers' sexed-up new routine, the Neon Trees' Animal for the girls at their sister school (complete with foam machine and beach balls). Blaine thinks Kurt's "sexy faces" looked like he was having gas pains, causing Kurt to think his lack of sexual experience and knowledge is going to be a problem. Kurt admits that he's about as "sexy as a baby penguin". Later in the episode, Blaine attempts to teach Kurt how to be sexy by practicing more sultry facial expressions in front of a mirror at Kurt's home. Kurt admits that he can't act sexy because he knows nothing about sex and being sexy. He admits he's watched pornography before but can't find any of it arousing due to it bringing up thoughts about whether or not the stars' mothers would have approved. Blaine, then seriously asked Kurt if they could have a conversation about sex, offering to tell Kurt what he knows. Kurt turns this offer down, saying he doesn't what to know the details and he's learned enough for one day. He then asks Blaine to leave. He also states that he likes romance and that the touch of a hand can be thrilling. Blaine approaches Kurt's dad, Burt, at the auto shop, asking if he's ever spoken with Kurt about sex. Burt's glad that Kurt has someone like Blaine to talk to but feels Kurt will bring up sex when he's ready; Blaine, however, is concerned that Kurt may already be behind the curve and might make a serious mistake in the heat of passion one day. Blaine envies Kurt and Burt's relationship and urges Burt to take advantage of their closeness but apologizes if he's overstepping his bounds - which Burt tells him he is. Blaine explains that he cares about Kurt and doesn't ever want to see him hurt. This leads to Burt having a heartfelt conversation with Kurt about sex and treating his body with respect, not hooking up with any random stranger. Burt presents a very resistant Kurt with free clinic sex pamphlets to pave the way for a sex talk. "This is going to suck for both of us" admits Burt, "but we're going to get through it together, and we're gonna both be better men because of it." Burt patiently explains that he wants Kurt to do what he wants to when he's ready but he also wants Kurt to use sex as a way to connect to another person, saying, "Don't throw yourself around like you don't matter, because you matter."

In Original Song, the episode opens with an enthusiastic Blaine singing Misery by Maroon 5, occasionally singing the lines to Kurt, leading him by the hand and putting his head on his shoulder, who looks less than pleased. Although Kurt would have enjoyed Blaine's flirting, Kurt as an artist can't stand Blaine having all the solos. After the performance ends, Kurt informs Blaine that, though the vocals were great, singing Misery for regionals would ensure them a loss—and that all of the songs going to Blaine was wasting the talent of the other Warblers. Kurt admits he is jealous of Blaine's leading vocals in every song. Pavarotti suddenly dies so Kurt goes to school in black and decides to perform Blackbird by the Beatles for the other Warblers as a way of mourning. Blaine joins in on the background 'doo-wop' vocals halfway through the song, which leads the rest of the glee club to sing along as well. Kurt sings with tears rolling down his cheeks and Blaine stops singing and stares at Kurt in awe as if seeing him for the first time. Afterwards, Blaine organizes duet as their opening number for regionals, stating that if the Warblers made Blaine carry the weight of the competition on his shoulders, they would surely lose. He specifically asks Kurt to be his duet partner. Kurt is shocked, saying that it isn't right because everyone should have a chance to audition. Later, while Kurt is decorating the coffin for Pavarotti's funeral, Blaine approaches him to talk about the duet, saying that he picked the song Candles by Hey Monday. Kurt, suspiciously asks why Blaine asked him to sing the song with him. Blaine admits that, after he watched Kurt perform Blackbird, he realized that Kurt is exactly who he's been looking for forever. He takes Kurt's hand and the two share an intense kiss, and when Blaine pulls back, claiming the two should "practice", Kurt says, "I thought we were." The two then lunge towards each other and passionately kiss again. At regionals, Kurt admits to Blaine that he is nervous about singing the duet, fearing that he will forget the words to the song or that he will open his mouth to sing and no sound will come out. Blaine assures Kurt that his nervousness is adorable and is confident that they will do well. The two share a romantic duet before Blaine follows up with Pink's song, Raise Your Glass. After the loss at regionals, Blaine goes with Kurt to bury Pavarotti. Blaine asks Kurt if the burial reminds him of his mother's funeral, Kurt agrees but his mother's coffin was bigger. Blaine notices Kurt is visibly upset and Kurt says that he really wanted to win. Blaine assures Kurt that they did win in another aspect—they found each other. The two then hold hands as they walk under the tree.

In A Night of Neglect, Kurt is seen showing Blaine around McKinley before the benefit concert. He comments that Kurt looks as though he misses McKinley. Karofsky then enters and starts abusing both Kurt and Blaine. Blaine, aggravated, shoves Karofsky to which Karofsky shoves him back. Kurt doesn't get into the violent exchange but reminds Karofsky that he is afraid of the truth. Santana sees this happening and comes to break up the fight. Later in the episode, Kurt and Blaine are seen watching the performances in the balcony at the benefit concert cheering for everyone performing. Blaine tells ex teacher Sandy Ryerson he is a bad person for heckling the Glee club, which shows Kurt's friends are now also his friends.

In Born This Way , Kurt and Blaine are seen at the Lima Bean sitting very close to each other, across from Santana and Mercedes. Blaine mentions that he knows that Kurt loves McKinley and misses everyone there but the problem is Karofsky. He wants Kurt to be safe and expresses they have talked about this before. After Santana pieces everything together (whilst seeing Dave Karofsky checking out Sam's butt), she blackmails Karofsky into being her Gay Beard (and also admits to him that they "play on the same team"; something he might use against her later.) so that they can sway the votes for Prom King and Queen in their favor. After Dave Karofsky, Paul Karofsky, Burt Hummel, Mr Schuester, Kurt Hummel and Principal Figgins have a meeting which includes Dave apologizing. Kurt's dad, Burt, is not convinced that his son will be safe returning to McKinley, despite Figgins' assurance that the new club has curtailed the school's bullying problem. The bullying stopped, Burt thinks, because Karofsky was the chief offender. Paul pleads with Burt, insisting that his son has reformed. Kurt tries to reassure his dad that he's satisfied with the improvements but wants to speak to Dave alone. When the adults clear the room, Kurt demands to know what Karofsky's angle is. When Karofsky expresses surprise that Kurt didn't reveal Dave's true orientation earlier, Kurt tells him, "I don't believe in denying who you are, but I don't believe in outing people either." Kurt insists that Dave owes him the truth, and Karofsky reveals Santana's scheme. Kurt agrees to the subterfuge, but only if Karofsky also helps him establish a parents-and-friends support group for gay students - Dave (who insists he's still not sure if he's gay) doesn't have to come out, but he does need to be educated. Meanwhile, Burt asks Finn to keep an eye out for Kurt, and Finn tells him he's one step ahead of him. At the mall, Kurt tries to talk Rachel out of her nose job by evoking her idol Barbra Streisand, who redefined the then-prevailing standards of beauty. Not only would Rachel be letting Barbra down, but she'd also be letting down the girls to come who will admire Rachel. To hammer home his point, Kurt and New Directions launch a flash mob to Duck Sauce's Barbra Streisand At school after screaming "KURT HUMMEL IS BACK AT MCKINLEY!!!" and being hugged by all the girls of ND, his boyfriend, Blaine serenades him along with the other Warblers with Somewhere Only We Know during which he is hugged and patted on the back by the warblers. He receives a huge bear hug from Finn who is very excited to have his brother back. Blaine states that he and Kurt will still 'have each other " on weekends and after school but the other warblers won't so they've come to say their goodbyes. At the end of the song, Kurt runs into Blaine's arms and, both of them fighting tears, says, "I'm never saying goodbye to you..." Blaine looks into Kurt's eyes and starts to disband with the other Warblers. He shoots one last tearful glance at Kurt, but then smiles at the sight of him being hugged with "We love you"s from his friends. Shortly after, Kurt sings his "audition" for the New Directions, Kurt reflects on his happy return to the school, singing a joyous version of Sunset Boulevards As If We Never said Goodbye. At the end of the episode, Kurt is seen singing the lead on Born This Way with Mercedes and Tina, sporting a T-Shirt that reads, "Likes Boys".

In Rumours, after reading about Quinn's reportedly secret encounters with Sam in the school's gossip newspaper The Muckraker, Finn and Rachel go on a stakeout to spy on Sam, only to spot Kurt leaving his motel bedroom. They immediately assume he's cheating on Blaine and are convinced of it when Sam appears at school next day wearing Kurt's old jacket. Rachel confronts Kurt about it (where a picture of Blaine and the word "Courage" under it is seen in his locker) and tells him that an affair isn't worth losing Blaine but instead of denying or admitting adultery, he replies that he is a team player and that a minute of discussing the subject means a minute less to prepare for Nationals. He also calls her insane. It is later revealed that Sam's dad lost his job and due to their financial problems, he started delivering pizza. He once had to deliver a pizza at Dalton and that's how Kurt found out. Upon discovering this, Kurt decided to help by giving him some of his old clothes. Sam sings lead performing Don't Stop as the closing number for his little brother and sister; Kurt and the rest of the New Directions join in.

In Prom Queen, Kurt asks Blaine for his hand and then asks Blaine to be his prom date, and - while he wants to go - Blaine explains his hesitation: at his previous school the recently outed Blaine was going to attend a Sadie Hawkins dance with the only other gay guy but on their way there, they were brutally bashed by three other students. Kurt gives Blaine an out but suggests that since Blaine couldn't face the bullies at his old school, they can face McKinley's together - Kurt suggests otherwise they could go to a movie instead but Blaine admits he is crazy about Kurt and he wants to make him happy. Despite the old hurts and the fear, Blaine agrees to go much to Kurt's joy. Kurt is happy and tells his female friends he is going to wear something special. At Kurt's house Finn accepts Blaine's offer to jam with New Directions at prom, Burt informs the boys that his tux shop-owning buddy is giving them half off their formal wear. Kurt debuts his self-created kilted tux look, inspired by the recent Royal Wedding ("like gay Braveheart" admires Finn) but Burt isn't thrilled. He won't stop his son from wearing it, but he thinks it's a shameless bid for attention and will stir the pot. Blaine surprises Kurt by agreeing, thinking that they might not want to attract negative attention but Kurt is determined to wear what he wants. He tells Blaine if he doesn't want to go he doesn't have to. Dave Karofsky has taken to escorting Kurt from class to class as part of the Bullywhips group that he and Santana run, in order to make certain that he is not attacked and hassled. Kurt then proceeds to talk to Dave about being gay and eventually, when he is ready, he'll need to come out. Kurt tells Dave that maybe the reason no one's been harassing him all week isn't because of the Bully Whips' protection - it might be because no one cares that he's different anymore. Because now he can see past the bullying to understand Dave's pain, Kurt suggests that maybe Dave doesn't need to torture himself over his sexuality - maybe soon he can feel free to be himself. Breaking down, Dave apologizes, sincerely this time, for tormenting Kurt before and Kurt believes him. Regaining his composure, Dave rushes off to his next class, but not before pleading with Kurt that he waits for him. At the actual prom, Kurt enjoys himself, although he appears somewhat disappointed that Blaine avoids asking him to slow dance (although they dance the fast ones, they don't touch) because of his fear of the school's bullying situation.. Kurt admires the inclusiveness of this year's prom - Becky has a date - but is still concerned about the phoniness of Santana and Dave's coupling. The prom court candidates are assembled onstage, where Figgins reveals that Dave has been named King - but in a shocking twist, Kurt is named Prom Queen by write-in vote. Kurt flees the gym in tears, pursued by Blaine: Kurt is devastated to learn that despite the daily bullying, no real progress has been made. They just used a secret ballot to tell him how they really felt instead of telling him to the face. He believed that McKinley students had grown past or at least learned to ignore that fact he's gay. He runs to the hall and Blaine chases after him. Blaine offers to leave the prom with Kurt but he doesn't want to walk away. He says he wants to leave but then he realizes that by going back in he can help Blaine get over his pain as well. He realizes that no matter what bullies try to do to him they can't hurt him or his relationship with Blaine. After, he regains composure with Blaine in the hallway, he decides to return and accept his coronation, showing the student body that he can't be brought down. His bravery earns him enthusiastic applause from many of the students (as well as the Principal patting him on the back). Principal Figgins then announces that, as per tradition, the King and Queen are to dance together. Karofsky gets up and walks with Kurt to the dance floor, during which Kurt suggests that perhaps this is the time for Dave to come out to the school. Dave finds himself unable to go through with it. As Mercedes and Santana begin to sing ABBA's "Dancing Queen", Kurt is left alone as Dave bolts from the dance floor. Blaine suddenly appears and asks if he may have this dance. As they spin around the dance floor, the glee club and the rest of the student body clap. Blaine sings to him as they dance. Blaine and Kurt spend the rest of the night relaxed and happy to be seen firmly together, laughing.They finish the night with the couple portrait.

In Funeral, Kurt is one of the four Glee members (Santana, Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel) to audition for a Solo at Nationals, singing Some People from the musical Gypsy, which Mr. Schuester applauds. However, the Glee club's new consultant Jesse St. James dismisses his performance due to the fact he is a boy singing a girl's song, much to Kurt's annoyance. Later, Kurt's primary concern during the episode becomes Sue. After learning about Sue's sister Jean Sylvester's passing, Kurt and Finn, both of whom, who lost parents, step it up to help Sue deal with her loss. Together they spearhead the organization of Jean's Funeral, giving it a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory theme and New Directions sing Pure Imagination, with which Kurt has leading vocals, since it was Jean's favorite song. Sue appreciates their efforts in the end, she directs her thank you to Kurt who smiles and seemingly gives them the go ahead to Nationals without further distraction from her League of Doom.

In New York, New Directions at last arrives in New York City for Nationals and the kids find ways to sneak out of the hotel room against Mr Schuester's wishes. One such morning, Kurt wakes Rachel up early and the two of them have breakfast at Tiffany's, when it is revealed that Kurt plans to stay in New York after graduation with Blaine as does Rachel. Kurt and Rachel then sneak into the Gershwin Theater, where Wicked is performed, where Kurt tries to help Rachel find some perspective regarding her romantic and professional lives. The two are caught by staff at the theater but are permitted fifteen minutes to live out their dream of singing on the stage. Together they sing For Good on Wicked's stage with Rachel taking Elphaba's part and Kurt taking Glinda's. The duet helps Rachel make her decision. New Directions' perform at Nationals, but unfortunately they fail to place in the Top Ten school rankings, and the glee club members fly back to Lima in defeat. Back in Lima, Kurt recounts the fallout for Blaine at the coffee shop: most of the New Directions members were outraged and/or crushed by the outcome, but Blaine notices that Kurt doesn't seem too upset, Kurt admits that he was thrilled just to have the experience, and Blaine tells him he loves him. After a few moments, Kurt tells Blaine he loves him too, adding, "When you think about it, Kurt Hummel's had a pretty good year. " They're surprised to run into Sam and Mercedes, who nervously say they happened to run into each other in the parking lot and they discuss their summer plans, Blaine's auditioning for the summer show at Six Flags, while Kurt plans to compose "Pip, Pip Hooray" a Broadway musical about Pippa Middleton. Blaine then presents the nominees for his set list for the audition to Kurt.

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