The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
Mysterious deaths caused by inexplicable aging lead Sam, Dean and Bobby to a warlock named Patrick, who gambles for high stakes. He challenges people to a poker game in which they don't play for money, but for life years represented by magical poker chips. Bobby sees this game as an opportunity to escape his wheelchair and accepts Patrick's challenge. Losing the game, he begins to age rapidly. Dean wants to save Bobby and challenges the warlock to win back Bobby's lost years to prevent him from dying. He bets 50 years, of which he uses 25 to reverse Bobby's aging process. However, Dean can't keep up with the warlock's poker skills and loses, which causes him to age. Together, the Winchester brothers and Bobby try to find a way to save Dean. They get unexpected help from Patrick's accomplice, who thinks that living forever is not natural and causes too much pain. She gives them a spell, one which can reverse the effects of Patrick's magic. Sam challenges the warlock to a poker game while Bobby and Dean perform the ritual. One ingredient of the spell is a trace of Patrick's DNA, so they use a toothpick supposedly used by him. The spell turns out to be ineffective since the toothpick was not really used by Patrick. When frantically searching for another object with the warlock's DNA on it, Dean suffers a heart attack, but Sam wins the game just in time to save Dean.

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