This song is sung just after Dawn has been kidnapped by the demon Sweet's henchmen. It begins as an expression of Buffy's inability to feel - anything - after being brought back from the dead. The song then voices the other characters perceptions of Buffy and the group dynamics since she was brought back. It ends as with a 'we are going to get through this, no matter the outcome, because it is what we do' sentiment just prior to Buffy finally arriving at the Bronze.

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Xander, Anya, and Willow are eager to help save Dawn, but Giles insists that Buffy should go alone. Spike, dismissing Giles' stubbornness, offers to back Buffy up, but Buffy takes him to task regarding his wish for her to stay away from him, and a humiliated Spike skulks away, telling her he hopes she will dance until she burns. Buffy leaves alone, once again singing about her inability to feel, as both a conflicted Spike and the Scoobies express their desire to fight along with her, accompanied by Sweet, who summons them in song ("Walk Through the Fire").